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Apesuite Beta 6 Preview and Sivv Support Site

It has been a while since I provided any information about what is cooking here at Sivv and I appologize for that.  We've been working hard on some new components for Beta 6 as well as some bug fixes to our current components.

Before I get into Beta 6, I just want to mention that our support site is currently offline.  We know this and are working to come up with an alternative system.  We weren't exactly happy with the system we had in place and after our support server was taken out by the recent Remote Desktop vulnerability, we decided to just keep it offline until we come up with a better option.  For now, we are supporting our customers via email and the appropriate contact information should be in your poduct readme files.

And now for a little bit on Beta 6.

Beta 6 will include over 10 new components including one big one that should prove to be very popular. I'm not going to mention exactly what it is, but you can probably guess based on the screenshot below:

Incidentally, the screenshot also shows off 5 of our other new components to be arriving with Beta 6.

We are aiming for a May release for beta 6 and hopefully well before the end of the month.

I just want to say thanks to our customers for your patience while we finalize a lot of these cool new features.  You are the best and we can't wait to get this next version in your hands.