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NakeyMonkey Interview 

Lachlan Gemmell has posted part 1 of a nice interview he had with our fearless leader Jason Southwell about the NakeyMonkey project.  Please have a read and then head over to Kickstarter to free the Nakey Monkey.




NakeyMonkey Kickstarter Project

Jason Southwell, our fearless leader, has launched a Kickstarter Project to fund the development of a Native OS control framework and componetn set called NakeyMonkey.  

Native OS controls would simplify bringing things like RichEdits, WebBrowsers, VideoPlayers and more to the Firemonkey and cross-platform Delphi.

Please hop on over and give the project a once over.  If you think it is a great idea like we do, then please consider contributing and sharing the link through your social network.  This project will be a big deal for the Delphi community as it moves toward a cross platform future.  You can be instrumental in making it happen.