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Apesuite Beta 5 Released


We are pleased to announce the release of Apesuite Beta 5.  Registered users will be receiving their updates via email shortly. 

Changes and Fixes

  • New IDTags property allowing you to retrieve the TTag for the associated ID.  Using the TTag object you can get at element attribute data, the control reference and other useful information about the source SVG element.
  • WrapMode has been removed and replaced with the property SizeMode with options Stretch, Fit and Original.  The prior WrapMode property worked by altering the scale.x and scale.y property programatically to achieve the desired effect.  Now with the SizeMode property we do that work internally and the scale.x and scale.y properties should never programatically be altered by the TSVG component. If you are upgrading your project, you will want to check your existing TSVG components to make sure that the scale.x and scale.y are both reset to 1 otherwise your SVGs will potentially look warped after upgrading.
  • Viewbox - SVG files with a viewbox setting is now correctly rendered.  This means that clipping which should have occurred in the past now correctly occurs and scale effected by viewboxes not equal to source width and height are now rendered correctly.
  • Filters - While filters are still not yet supported, major work has been done to support the feature in a future release.
  • Fixed scaling issues when SVG was made really, really small.
  • Fixes to tab orientation and opacity bugs.
  • Refactored published properties to a few TPersistent properties with the intent simplify development.
  • Implemented new Features property allowing you to select which features you wish to be enabled in the designer at runtime.
  • Fixed display bugs
  • Updated to be compatible with new TSVG wrapmode changes.
New Components
  • TFlowLayout - A container control that automatically repositions its children such that they wrap to a new row or column if it extends the bounds of the container. TFlowLayout supports Vertical and Horizontal flow and includes a component editor to allow simple reordering of child controls at designtime.
  • TLightBox - A container control that shows it's children in a modal web-style semi-transparent lightbox.  The container can hold any Firemonkey control or multiple controls and is completely configurable via Firemonkey styles.
  • TListControl - A TListBox implementation that fixes bugs in the TListBox control that comes with Firemonkey, specifically regarding drag-drop item reordering.
New Demos
  • SVG Game - An example of interacting with SVG files programatically in the form of a top-down racing game. Shows how to do collision detection of an SVG path, Apply Firemonkey effects to SVG controls and elements and coding for SVG files by element IDs.
  • Flow Layout - An app that shows usage of the Flow Layout container and shows a subform in a Lightbox.