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Apesuite Beta 4 Released

We have today released Apesuite Beta 4.  This release includes a ton of bug fixes and three new components for your cross platform development pleasure.

New Components

  • TControlCombo - A combo box that pops up an embedded control.  The control can be any Firemonkey TControl descendant including a panel of other controls.
  • TObjectExplorer - A tree that shows the nested parent relationships of a target Firemonkey object.  It is useful in conjunction with the TDesigner component or on it's own if you just need to understand your form a bit better.
  • TPropertyInspector - A runtime property inspector for any firemonkey object allowing you to view and update properties of objects at runtime.  This works with the TObjectExplorer to view properties of nested objects not usually visible in the designer.


  • We completely overhauled our unit naming in Beta 4 to better organize for the future.  To find out the details, please visit our blog post from earlier this week on the subject.

New Features

  • The Pagebar now can render in a horizontal (ribbon) style or vertical (tool window) style.

Notable Fixes and Known Issues

  • TCard components are once again working both at designtime and runtime.
  • Wrapmode bugs in TSVG have been fixed.  There is still a clipping issue to be figured out when an SVG is scaled to a very small size where some drawing elements are inadvertantly being clipped.
  • Some TPropertyInspector edits are appearing to be readonly on Windows.  The same fields work correctly on Mac.
  • Many other minor bugs were fixed..


Current customers of Apesuite should have already received a new source code notification by email. New customers will automatically receive the latest version.