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Since Google Code has announced it's closure we have updated links on our site to the new Open Source repositories at BitBucket and GitHub.  We will be using BitBucket moving forward for our actively maintained projects and GitHub for our archived projects.


NakeyMonkey Interview 

Lachlan Gemmell has posted part 1 of a nice interview he had with our fearless leader Jason Southwell about the NakeyMonkey project.  Please have a read and then head over to Kickstarter to free the Nakey Monkey.



NakeyMonkey Kickstarter Project

Jason Southwell, our fearless leader, has launched a Kickstarter Project to fund the development of a Native OS control framework and componetn set called NakeyMonkey.  

Native OS controls would simplify bringing things like RichEdits, WebBrowsers, VideoPlayers and more to the Firemonkey and cross-platform Delphi.

Please hop on over and give the project a once over.  If you think it is a great idea like we do, then please consider contributing and sharing the link through your social network.  This project will be a big deal for the Delphi community as it moves toward a cross platform future.  You can be instrumental in making it happen.



Apesuite Spotlight: The X Object

I just wanted to take a quick moment to point out a bit of the behind the scenes and non-visual utiltiy that Apesuite can bring to Firemonkey.

When we startied working on Apesuite we quickly realized how narrow the Firemonkey framework is in regards to cross platform APIs and system level access.  It was sometimes a case that the APIs were wrapped differently than we expected or not at all.  

To simplify acessing some of this information in a standard way regardless of the operating system, we wrote what we call the X object.  

To use the X object in your applications, all you have to do is include Ape.Utility.CrossPlatform to your uses clause.  Once you do you have access to the following functions:


  1. X.System.FontFamilies - Returns a list of system installed font family names for use with the Firemonkey TFont.
  2. X.System.DPI - Intended to be a cross platform inspection of the current DPI setting, though currently returns a hard coded value of 96. 
  3. X.System.DebugWrite - Writes to the Windows debugger api on Windows and to the terminal on OS X.
  4. X.System.DebugEnabled - Turns on and off the output written with X.System.DebugWrite


  1. X.Files.OpenWithDefault - The provided filename will be open with the default application on the system. For example, if you supply an HTML file, the file may be opened with IE on Windows and Safari on OS X.. or whatever the registered default application is for HTML files.
  2. X.Files.PathFrom - Creates a path using supplied directory and file names to return a path built with the correct delimiter.


  1. X.Env.SearchPath - Returns the currently registered search path on the system.
  2. X.Env.AppFilename - Returns the "app" name of the application.  On OS X this is the application package in which the exe resides.  On Windows, this is the name of the folder in which the exe resides.
  3. X.Env.ExeFilename - Returns the actual filename of the running executable.
  4. X.Env.AppFolder - Returns the folder path to the executable, stopping at the level of the application package on OSX.
  5. X.Env.ExeFolder - Returns the full folder path to the executable.
  6. X.Env.TempFolder - Returns a writable temp folder path that can be used by your application.
  7. X.Env.HomeFolder - Returns the user's writable home folder.  On OS X this equates to /Users/username and on Windows,  C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming or the appropriate path as set on the system.

This is just the start of what this object will eventually become.  As we find that we need access to something in a simple cross-platform way, we'll be extending this object appropriately.  In the meantime, feel free to use what is there when you are developing your firemonkey applications.



Apesuite Beta 6 - Released

We are please to announce the release of Apesuite for Firemonkey Beta 6. This release is our biggest yet with tons of new components and features and marks a major milestone in the progress of the Apesuite beta.

Here is what is new since Beta 5:

  1. TSmartGrid - A powerful spreadsheet style grid component with over 130 built-in excel-comparible functions, extendable function framework, borders, cell spans, alignment, fonts, inline editing and more.
  2. TBrushEditor - A tabbed panel editor for a TBrush object.  Allows for changing Solid, Gradient and Bitmap brushes at runtime.
  3. TBrushEditorCombo - A version of the TBrushEditor that is shown as part of a combo box.
  4. TFillEditor - A simple TBrush panel editor that makes selecting colors very simple for the end user. Optionally the user can drill into a TBrushEditor to make more refined chagnes to the TBrush object.
  5. TFillEditorCombo - A version of the TFillEditor that is shown as part of a combo box.
  6. TFontComboBox - A combo box listing all available fonts for selection by the end user. The font text may optionally be rendered in the style of that font.
  7. TFontListBox - A list box listing all available fonts for selection by the end user. The font text may optionally be rendered in the style of that font.
  8. TFontToolbox - A Toolbox to be used with the TPagebar component which allows full configuration of a TFont object at runtime including font styles, color and typeface.
  9. TRectangleButton - A simple and lightweight button component based on TRectangle.  It is used in the TFillEditor but available for use in your applications.
  10. TCircleButton - A simple and lightweight button component based on TCircle. It is used in the TBrushEditor but available for use in your applications.
  11. TToolboxComboBox - A combobox styled to work well with a TToolbox and TPagebar.
  12. TToolboxSpeedButton - A speedbutton styled to work well with a TToolbox and TPagebar.
  13. TToolboxFontComboBox - A font slection combobox styled to work well with a TToolbox and TPagebar.
  14. TToolboxSpinbox - A spinbox styled to work well with a TToolbox and TPagebar.
  15. TToolboxBrushEditorCombo - A brush editor combobox styled to work well with a TToolbox and TPagebar.
  16. TToolboxFillEditorCombo - A fill editor combobox styled to work well with a TToolbox and TPagebar.
  17. TToolboxComboColorBox - A color combobox styled to work well with a TToolbox and TPagebar.
  18. TClipboard - A cross platform clipboard implementation that makes copy and paste operations extremely simple, even for complex and custom data types.

We've also added two new demos to show off some of our new components and features:

  1. ApesuiteGridDemo - A basic spreadsheet like application that shows off the TSmartGrid, TFillEditor, TBrushEditor, TFontComboBox, TFontToolbox, TClipboard and several other components.
  2. ApesuiteClipboardDemo - A very simple application that shows how to use TClipboard to copy and paste URLs and Images between applications.

There were also several bug fixes and minor changes from the prior release.  The biggest breaking change that you may encounter is that we have renamed our TFlowLayout component to TFlowedLayout.

For those of you that have been looking for C++Builder support, I'm sorry to say that we did not get as far along that path as we wanted for this release.  The components do drop onto C++Builder forms and mostly compile, but there are some oddities in event timings in Firemonkey between C++Builder and Delphi that appear to be causing some AV's and make putting together usable demos for C++Builder fairly difficult.  We plan to put significant time into this before Beta 8 to make sure our components work across both equally well.  If you have significant C++Builder experience and are willing to come into the beta now, email me and i'll give you a good discount on the product in exchange for some help with our demos.

The Beta 6 update should be making it's way to the inboxes of our current customers any moment now.  New customers will also now receive the latest link when they make a purchase from this point forward.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the comments here or for current customers, you can use the email support channels as always.  

Thanks for supporting our products.

The Apesuite Team at Sivv...