Apesuite Demos



Components for the Delphi XE2 Firemonkey Platform


The Apesuite components for Firemonkey add crossplatform weapons to your Delphi arsenal.  The suite includes:
  • TSVG
    A component that renders SVG graphics for your Firemonkey forms. Elements in the SVG file are accessible via code and can be easily manipulated as with any other Firemonkey object.
  • TSmartGrid
    An extremely flexible spreadsheet-like grid component that supports copy/paste, excel-like cell formatting, 130 built-in excel-comparable functions, inline editing, find/replace, extensible function framework and so much more.
  • TSmartImage
    An image component that loads images from URLs and includes a progress indicator and built-in transition animations.
  • TPagebar
    This cross-platform ribbon-like paged toolbar control allows you to cram the most out of your user interface.
  • TControlCombo
    A ComboBox component that pops down any arbitrary TControl descendant, including controls such as TPanel.
  • TFillEditor / TFillEditorCombo
    A TBrush editor with a user friendly appearance providing for quick color selection and complex refinements such as gradients and bitmap fills.
  • TBrushEditor / TBrushEditorCombo
    A detailed TBrush editor component.
  • TFontCombo / TFontListbox
  • TCard
    A component implementing a playing card for creating your cross platform Firemonkey games.
  • TClipboard
    A replacement cross-platform Clipboard API that enables access to multiple stock and custom clipboard formats and simplifies storing and retrieving complex data types such as TIFF, PNG, File Streams, HTML Snippets, etc.
  • TDesigner
    A component that enables the user to design their firemonkey forms at runtime.
  • TRectangleButton / TCircleButton
    Simple and lightweight shape-based button objects
  • TObjectExplorer
    A tree control that shows the nested parent relationships of a target firemonkey object. It is useful in conjunction with the TDesigner component or on it's own if you just need to understand your form a bit better.
  • TPropertyInspector
    A runtime property inspector for any Firemonkey object allowing you to view and update properties of objects at runtime. This works with the TObjectExplorer to view properties of nested objects not usually visible in the designer.
  • TTrayIcon
    A System Tray Icon implementation that works on both Windows and OS X.
  • X Object
    A global utility object that provides cross platform access to system level API's, information and functions.
  • TFlowLayout
    A container that automatically repositions it's child controls based on its size. Supports Vertical and Horizontal flow.
  • TLightbox
    A web-like lightbox allowing a semi-transparent and modal display of any firemonkey controls.
  • TListControl
    A ListBox implementation fixing some bugs with the standard Firemonkey List Box, specifically regarding drag-drop reordering.

Apesuite is not available to purchase at this time.